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Voice Over & Dubbing

Voice Over & Dubbing

20 Hrs.

 Voice Culture : -Strengthening of 5 Important Pillars for good voice Output. (Breathing, Diction, Diff between Volume, Pitch & Tone, Voice & Character Modulation, Stress on words)
 Voice Overs (35): -Different 35 Types of Voice overs & application of the same & practical implementation (Recording)
 Lip Match Dubbing (6): What is Dubbing? 6 Lip Match Dubbing practicals.  
 Voice Portfolio (Audio+ Dubbing Videos) on student’s Pen Drive
 1 Lecture by Veteran Actor Mr. Vikram Gokhale and Kedar Athavale ,AK Studios Pune (Common for all on going batches)
 Freelance Session : If any student have any extra talent,like singing, Mimicry etc. then we can record it as well & it will be added in their portfolio. 
Follow up session and Support (After completion of course): -How to market your Voice? How to Talk while sharing your Voice Samples? Industry Trends. List of selected few studios along with their contact numbers & Rate Card to get an idea about rates prevalent in the Industry

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