When it comes to choosing a team for  audio-video production of my you tube channel “ANSHUMAN ANAND ‘MANTR’VANI”, I always prefer to align with people who understand the essence of my content.
I feel very fortunate & grateful to have met Harsh who subsequently gave me some amazing members of his team..Mohit & Kapil !
And with them, I continue to sucessfully create “Spiritual Art”, which is my passion.
I wish Amplogic Studio  loads of success, appreciation & love.
Thanks !
Anshuman Anand
Amplogic is an amazing recording studio with great infrastructure and facilities, amazing engineers, great production team over-all.
Have recorded three of my original compositions till now which has been released through Times Music, Krunal Music and my personal channel.
Every work of theirs is truely professional in nature
Nihar Mayekar